30 Aug 2010

Harry Callahan

29 Aug 2010

Amazing sunset

photography by Magnus Magnusson

Hers on him

photography by Yu Tsai
styling by Johnny Wujek @ the Magnet Agency

Boy of the week by Franco Deleo (East Village Boys)

photos via EastVillageBoys
photographer's contact FrancoDeleo

Michael Johansson

my new obsession...

I really need a pair of black, calf length and lace up boots for this winter as the ones seen on the latest Dries van Noten show for Spring-Summer'11, but I cannot wait till then to get them!! any suggestion?

photos via style.com

10 Aug 2010

Not just words...

Once again, due to my personal-professional necessity of keep looking around and see what's going on, I've been collecting all these images that in a way touch me for a reason/s.

Mentioning again that Copyright still belongs to owner.

Zebra cape from Philip Lim

Perfect for the up-coming cold winter...