26 Nov 2009

Going to Barcelona for the weekend...

It means that I won't be able to update my blog for a couple of days... sorry about that!
See you all once I'll be back!!!

22 Nov 2009

Lina Osterman

Photo via Lina Osterman's web

Holey jumper, YES!

and such a great picture!
via Yvan Rodic's diary

21 Nov 2009

Max Barreau by Philipp Mueller / Ponytail Fall Issue

Callym Wolson for Candy Magazine

Photography: Karim Sadli
Styling: Robbie Spencer
All the clothes: Lacroix coutur archives

Victor & Rolf white Neoprene boots to die for...

photo via hypebeast

Undercoverism by Jun Takashi's

picture via hipebeast

Dylan Forsberg by Jolijn Snijders

20 Nov 2009

19 Nov 2009

short+skirt for men, yes please!

Loving this look! From Comme des Garcons if I am not wrong?
Although I have to say that I bought my version of it from H&M purple line and for £29.99 only! :D

Picture via theSartorialist

17 Nov 2009

My new DMs acquisition

I am loving my new pair of white DMs and with croco embossing :D

Picture via i-D issue no.303
Photography: Boo George
Styling: Max Pearmain


15 Nov 2009

Jarvis Cocker and Brett Anderson

When I was a teen, I was obsessed with this pair, besides confusing them in the beginning :)

Marcela Gutierrez

Such a great illustrator!

Photos via MarcelaGutierrez.com

Cold War Kids

with a bit of glam...

New York Dolls and David Bowie, who could have done better than them???
I feel buying something in leopard print...

13 Nov 2009

AIR's new video

American Youth

A new project from Hedi Slimane with the film distribution company MK2.
A box with all Hedi's favorite American films + a new set of his amazing photographs.
only 2,500 copies has been made, though...

11 Nov 2009

Do you remember Bros?

I do! and I remember liking them a lot! and their outfits as well...! not too bad, ugh?
I wonder how they must look like nowadays.