26 Feb 2011

Losing Control

Photography by Amanda Camenisch
Styling by Chisan

22 Feb 2011

21 Feb 2011

Please, take me there...

almost for the past 6 months, it has been so dark, grey, dull, cold and shit weather in London that I wish I was going somewhere like in the photo bellow! not asking for much, just sun sun and more sun! and a bit of peace... Thank god I am going to LA in about 3 weeks!!

young Ewan McGregor

(for Trainspotting) so fit!

Leopard printed Jacket


'Howl' Trailer HD

Modern Mod

The jacket is my favourite!!! It looks like Balenciaga with that modern touch of hi-tech-fabric...
And the Peter Pan collar shirt! which I've never seen in a guy...
Photo via Yvan Rodic

20 Feb 2011

Joan Mirangels

15 Feb 2011

Feeling red

Burberry Prosum

Ann Demeulemeester

Dior Homme

Raf Simons


Louis Vuitton

Victor and Rolf

14 Feb 2011