31 Jan 2013

Floral printed Puffa... by ACNE studios

Picture via TheSartorialist

Ain't Laurent...

Such a brilliant idea!!! I need one or rather both!!! 
buy them in here: yves.bigcartel.com

The perfect lock... by Marc Jacobs of course!

Metallics and Iridescents

My boyfriend gave me a pair of Oakely frogskins for Xmas and you have no idea how crazy about them and other metallics, fluorescents and iridescents I am! My next buy, the Comme des Garcon mermaid wallet! Here some of the links: 

Time for a haircut

I've been leaving my hair grow for a reason amount of month now and I am ready for a haircut! here some of the latest inspiration pictures. Obviously Brett Andersen is my biggest inspiration!

30 Jan 2013

Adam Holden

29 Jan 2013

Kenzo fluro green and black jumper

I need it in my wardrobe for the next season! 
picture via FantasticMan

Now is Forever

pictures via thelibertineezine.com

I want a Pug!!!

And as Fashionable as this one! So cute!!!!

9 Jan 2013

DIOR HOMME (playlist)

Jessica Yatrofsky



Happy 66th Birthday!!! and for many more...