25 Mar 2010

Ricardo Fumanal, more than just another illustrator

This London based Spanish illustrator after living in Barcelona and Madrid, has got an amazing range of different work done in various magazines, such as: Wallpaper, Dazed&Confused, Hercules, Metal, Vogue Hommes Japan, Flaunt,... among others, colaborations with the London based designer Lou Dalton and some exhibitions in Barcelona and Berlin, making this very interesting illustrator something to talk lots about!
Seeing someone like him, makes me feel very proud of being Spanish.
Keep on the good work!
To see more of his work, just visit his own page: RicardoFumanal


  1. love it! sonia. :p

  2. Ricardo fumanal its obviously just another illustrator...whats different in his work? Actually reminds me so many good stuff done 10 years ago.

  3. I agree with Anonymous 2, there is nothing different. It's reminiscent of Charles Anastase, but it's still beautiful. Anonymous 3 ;)